About Us

Ready Set Smile is a nonprofit founded to improve the oral health of Minneapolis children who do not access to dental services.

The Membership of Ready Set Smile’s Board of Directors has a diverse array of expertise to guide this emerging non-profit. They represent many stakeholders, including Minneapolis Public Schools, community members, and policy experts. In our short history we have successfully established collaborative partnerships with other nonprofits and academic institutions.


Please help RSS help Sam hit homeruns for Ready Set Smile.

Sam Hunt, a nationally ranked elite baseball player, will compete for the 2nd year in the International Power Showcase in Miami at the end of December. To participate, he must plan a fundraiser for a local organization. Sam chose Ready Set Smile!

Sam’s goal is to raise $8000. Help Sam and Ready Set Smile with a donation today and check out this fun video highlighting Sam’s connection. Both these teens are incredibly bright and articulate young men who share a sense of joy and hope for each other.

When we first saw Daunte at the Sojourner Truth Academy’s RSS clinic, he had two broken front teeth that had been fractured for almost two years. In fact, his nickname at school was “Chip.” Dr. Ottavi restored his front teeth on Give Kids a Smile Day at ADT Dental last February.

Daunte’s mother was unable to find a dentist to restore her son’s front teeth. She was even told that MA does not cover cosmetic dentistry. She is a mother of 4 boys, works two jobs, including one as a school bus driver. Getting the kids to the dentist is difficult. She is highly committed to her children’s oral health. And she is enthusiastically thankful for all RSS does for her children in the school. They are all maintaining decay free!

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