Dental Services

Ready Set Smile is providing schools with a portable onsite clinic where preventive services are delivered to children on a routine basis. That means children whose parents consent to treatment have the following services:

  1. Toothbrush cleanings followed by a fluoride treatment
  2. Sealant placed on all permanent and primary molars
  3. One-on-one hygiene instruction

The frequency of treatment for each child is dependent on their history of decay. Those with low decay rates will be seen twice during the school year. Students with higher decay rates will be seen 3 or 4 times each school year.

Temporary restorations are placed where deeper decay is found. This stops the progress of the disease. More definitive care for all students with needs beyond our scope will be provided through a referral service. We also use the new product Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) to arrest decay.

Data collection and charting are completed through a digital technology allowing us to maintain each child’s record, share information with parents and follow the outcomes of our services.